The video pack of Felipe crespo and Luisa that has been leaked on Onlyf’s Twitter and reddit

Ecuadorian YouTube user Felipe Crespo has recently reached 1 million subscribers on the video platform and has joined OnlyF since October this year. His goal is to upload exclusive content for his fans, where he can talk about censored topics on YouTube.

At present, in the Ecuadorian entertainment world, the migration to this paid platform to produce p0rn0graphic content has become popular and its audience is growing day by day. Loco Crespo told Extra that he decided to start his career at Onlyf, looking for new income to finance his project as a youtuber.

However, he didn’t just do it for a “ticket.” Felipe commented that the new policy on YouTube is very delicate, and the videos of him have been censored many times, even if there is no p0rn0graphy. “Sometimes they download videos to interview me and we play games or make jokes in them. YouTube thinks this is offensive.”

Although he started uploading videos and talking about topics that couldn’t be uploaded to his YouTube channel, Felipe has produced explicit content. Among them, he appeared with Luisa Espinoza, a High Tension dancer, who became popular on the Internet for appearing in a video of Loco Crespo. He also has his channel on Onlyf.

The Guayaquil man said that he is not ashamed to do this type of content, he considers himself an open-minded person and does not care if they can talk about him: “The only thing I told him before doing it was mine. Mother. He said if it was good or bad, he knew it was part of the job he did. “

The reaction of his followers was positive and he began to grow in Onlyf. The cost of subscribing to his channel on this platform is $ 30 per month.

“Currently I subscribe for $ 30 a month to see explicit content, where I perform challenges or popular performances and interviews with people dedicated to adult entertainment … They are the first to co-produce this video and the latest El Gato Night Club publications and Luisa Espinoza, they perform kamasutra poses and other crazy things or fantasies to please the public ”, he added.