Félix and Bernabé full video leaked on the internet on twitter and reddit

If you are easily surprised, the best thing you can do is stop watching the video of the narco because it is as brutal as the title says. It depicts the execution of two members of the Sinaloa cartel by beheading. One was decapitated with a chainsaw, the other with a hunting knife.

MRandom News Félix and Bernabé full video leaked on the internet on twitter and reddit

The video begins with two men claiming to be Félix Gámez García and his uncle, Bernabé Gámez Castro. Félix Gámez García admitted that he is dedicated to smuggling drugs to the United States, which is his job as a member of the Sinaloa cartel. The idea of ​​being decapitated by a chainsaw is much scarier than being decapitated by a knife, but if you’ve seen the video, you’ll see that the chainsaw is given to the poor bastard who was chosen, and he died quicker and with less pain. Unlike the man who was decapitated with a knife, we could hear him gasping through his severed windpipe, and for this man, the execution was very slow, from when they began to decapitate him until he finally died.
They were both sitting outside the adobe room. Shirtless and wearing only pants, the couple began to be questioned by unknown gunmen. At least two armed men, one in military uniform, were seen during the six minutes of the video.

The guy named Bernabé Gámez Castro said that working for the Sinaloa cartel they didn’t pay him much, from his last job they gave him 300 pesos (at least they didn’t get paid by Maruchan, Uh).

After giving them time to say his last words, the captives proceeded to the beheading. They put the chainsaw directly to the neck of the first captive, causing a huge splatter of blood on the spot, and although the death was violent, it was certainly more merciful for the loss than the one who touched the other captive. With blood, he partially decapitated Bernabé Gámez Castro leaning on his nephew, and Félix Gámez García also cut off a small arm while the executioner continued with the decapitation work.

After Barnabas’ beheading, another executioner approached Felix and cut off his head with a knife. Like his uncle, Félix accepted what awaited him without resisting, but he did not suffer the same fate, because his death was long and slow, after they began to decapitate him, panting and the cramps lasted a long time.
We now see that easy money is not worth dying for because, like these two, most people in the drug industry end their lives violently.