Who is Fernanda Tapia? Photos and videos leaked onlyf

This Saturday, Fernanda Tapia (Fernanda Tapia) spoke about the press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. After the show “Turismo de Barrio” became a trend on social media, Mexican journalists sought to promote local destinations in Mexico City in space to help “revitalize small economies” in the COVID-pandemic. 19 During the period, it was greatly affected.

The broadcaster’s proposal caused a sensation on Twitter and they applauded her willingness to support small producers in the capital. However, this is not the first time that Fernanda Tapia’s name has gone viral on the Internet. She did it in 2019, when she starred in television images that shocked the audience.

In July of the same year, the seiyuu appeared on Unicable’s Shock Therapy show, talking about the practices of BDS (bondage, discipline, dominance and obedience, sadism and masochism). He left with “his master of his” with a whip in his hand. “So this is a mini version of sadomasochism.

You are hurt, because you caused the pain,” began the host Silvia Olmedo. “I’m a dominant sadist,” she explained. “The dominant sadist … I think I want to be dominant, but I don’t want to abuse or hurt,” replied the host.

More than a year after that television presentation that gave us a topic to talk about, Fernanda Tapia is back on trend, although this time for very different reasons.

On Saturday, the announcer attended the López Obrador meeting and invited the president to participate in the “Barium Tour.” “I openly invite him to join us one day to show us his favorite street, where he likes to walk in the city, because we already know that he eats barbecue on the way, but he likes to go to the capilucha.

And here is the proposal. It’s early, “she told the president. In her speech, Tapia Canovi’s voice was recognized by many netizens. And in addition to appearing on the radio five days a week, she also played an iconic role.

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