Fernando Del Solar dead, actor and television host dies – cause of death

Do you remember when Ingrid Coronado left the then driver Fernando del Solar to his fate when he was sick with Cancer? Also on TV Azteca no one wanted to work close to her because of her arrogance and her rudeness towards the costume and makeup people.

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He was born on April 27, 1977 in Trujillo, north of Peru. He is the son of José del Solar Santander and Carmela Álvarez-Calderón Meléndez. As a child he lived in Chimbote with his 4 brothers (José Guillermo, Alexandra, Claudia and Alfonso). Del Solal began his career as a soccer player in the lower divisions of Deportes Universitario.

The television presenter Fernando del Solar is preparing to return to the Mexican screen in 2022. After the announcement, the Argentine was questioned about his participation and his departure from Hoy, and replied that being a newcomer to Televisa was a difficult adjustment because already there were “certain things” in the production, and in the end “he didn’t”. I do not like that”. Ingrid Coronado’s ex-husband spoke first-hand on the show about his experience as a “new guy” on St. Angel’s TV, and assured that changing companies would be so bad for him that he never felt part of the morning broadcast: “You have to keep quiet because if that’s what you really want, you have to live with it, resist and put up with it, like when you go to work at a new company and everyone already knows where the cafeteria is, where they smoke, where the boss is, when he’s out the boss, when you don’t know all these moves, well, it’s going to cost you more,” he said.