Fields skyderi video reddit, Multiple people have been killed in a shooting at Field’s Mall

Several people were shot and killed in the shopping center Amagers Mark. Several of them have been killed, Copenhagen police say.

A person has been arrested in connection with the shooting. According to the Copenhagen police, it was a 22-year-old man of Danish descent. Police currently have no indications that the detainee was cooperating with others.

But police stressed that the information was related to “some uncertainty”.

Police can not rule out the possibility of terror. Copenhagen Police Chief Søren Thomassen said this at a press conference not so long ago.

He said they had launched what police called a “manhunt” – a manhunt – not just in Copenhagen, but across New Zealand.

Copenhagen now has a large police force. Some even had to interrupt briefly during the outdoor press conference as many emergency vehicles flooded it all. You can clearly hear what is busy. What happened in the tragic event is that we acted on many fronts, that is Søren Thomassen’s voice.

All night, photos of the area around Field showed heavily armed police officers and several ambulances. Police cordoned off the area around Field with a helicopter hanging in the air.

Earlier in the evening, police urged everyone to stay away from the area around the center. People in Field are urged to stay seated and wait for police.

If you see, hear or film anything, we encourage you to contact the police in the area or call 114. The police encourage everyone who is in the center and who is now okay to contact their relatives.

Witness Lorez Hermanson was present. He and his family had to flee the mall when he heard gunshots, he tells DR News.

  • We went out with my three children and changed clothes in H&M, and we heard three or four bangs. Really loud bangs. It sounds like the camera is falling next to H&M on the first floor.
  • Then people rushed into the store and shouted “There are weapons, there are weapons”.

The family then managed to get into their car through an emergency exit.

  • Of course we were afraid that someone was standing at the exit and waiting for someone, but we got out of the car and drove away. Then we could see the police coming, said Laurits Hermansen.