Filtration! This is what “The Powerpuff Girls” look like in their new Live Action series

UNITED STATES.- After the announcement of the Live Action series from “The Powerpuff Girls”, It was revealed that filming has already begun. Given this, the expectation has been increasing since some Photos of the set and we have been able to admire the first sketch of what Bombón (Chloe Bennet), Bubble (Dove Cameron) and Acorn (Yana Perrault) will look like.

In this sense, opinions have been divided significantly on the web, as a large number of people have been happy and eager to see the heroines in this new facet in Live Action. But at the same time, there are those who have assured that the images are a true reflection of the disaster that will become, so the public has begun to take their side.

In this way, the photos have been published by TMZ and you can see Chloe Bennet in the flight scene. What’s more, “The Powerpuff Girls“They have attracted the attention of their fans, especially because of the wardrobe issue, which has also generated great controversy. Respecting their traditional colors Bombón (red), Bubble (Blue) and Acorn (green), they have outfits in pastel tones.

Live Action belongs to the famous American network The CW, but Warner Bros. and Berlanti Productions are also at the helm of this production. In addition, the plot will revolve around the youth of “The Powerpuff Girls” who are away from crime fighting to try to lead a normal life. Therefore, we may see characters with dilemmas and traumas about their childhood.

On the other hand, The CW It has not revealed when the premiere of this series will take place, something very obvious due to the bad things that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the audiovisual sector. Meanwhile, his fans are calm when they see that the production is following the pertinent sanitary protocols, something that contributes to the efficiency and agility in this process.

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