Finally! Spotify announces this astonishing audio and culture novelty

USA.- Spotify continues to innovate on its platform and recently will insert a request that has been a constant for a long time. The company has signed an agreement with the company Storytel, which specializes in audiobooks. Therefore, this is a great step forward in terms of Audio Y culture, something that will undoubtedly fall very well among its users.

In this regard, it is worth noting that Storytel has a fairly prominent library of audiobooks and will contribute more than 500 thousand titles in 30 languages. Thus, it has been announced through a statement that this option will be available at the end of 2021. “The objective of Spotify it is to be the reference platform for audio content: music, podcasts, live conversations and, now through this association, also audiobooks ”, it is specified.

Although it is a joy for audiobook lovers, this is also a juicy bet for both companies. Spotify would be expanding Storytel’s coverage to 150 countries and with a reach of 356 million users and monthly users. Previously, the titles only reached 25 markets and the purchase was restricted to these places.

The bet by the company of streaming It is very interesting, because recently it has also been working alongside Facebook to play music and podcasts through this social network. Undeniably, we are in the era where the latter have exploded in popularity and Spotify I was not going to miss the opportunity to continue innovating in the field of audio, something that returns the eyes of readers to the app.

The reality is that the competition in this area will be extremely strong, as it faces the pioneer Apple, but also platforms such as Amazon, Google Play or Podimo. So we better prepare the headphones, maybe a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a beer to unleash the imagination, because without a doubt this is a bomb that many people were looking forward to.