Follow the scandal! LaLiga is pronounced by the case of racism of Valencia

What happened this Sunday at the meeting of Valencia with the French player, Mouctar Diakhaby continues to give something to talk about. The defender left the game against Cádiz enraged, accusing Juan Cala of having used a racist epithet against him. The scene has generated a scandal, and the president of The league, Javier Tebas has ruled on the matter.

The situation in the match between Valencia and Cádiz was discounted after Diakhaby accuse Juan Cala of having called him a “shitty nigger.” The atmosphere became really tense on the pitch, and the players from the visiting team left the pitch. Play resumed after 20 minutes, after the judges notified them that they were risking losing the match and receiving other penalties for not returning to the field.

LaLiga statement

The president of The league, Javier Tebas was questioned by the threat of the referees to award the points to Cádiz. «The authority of the parties belongs to the referee and his assistants and it is he who has to make the decisions. I will remember that in similar cases, I think it was at Rayo-Albacete it was the referee who decided to suspend the match due to shouts of racism at the player Zozulya ».

“The Valencia what he has to do is according to what the referee determines. Obviously, the referee did not hear anything, because if he had, I have no doubt that he would have suspended the game. What he did Valencia “It was to pay attention to what the referee said,” he added about what happened this Sunday at the Ramón de Carranza Stadium.

Thebes clarified that the situation is under investigation in the Competition Committee. “We are looking at all the cameras that record the game to be able to clarify the situation, as in its day we were able to clarify the case of Iñaki Williams. We are going to continue working and looking for what has happened or to prove that the anger of the player of the Valencia he was absolutely right if it were the case.

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