Formula 1 bombshell: Valtteri Bottas would leave Mercedes at the end of the season

The world of Formula 1 received a news that shook the entire paddock. According to the British outlet Daily Mail, Valtteri Bottas will leave the team Mercedes once the 2021 season ends. This weekend a peculiar image could be seen in the team’s box, when Bottas got pole in the Grand Prix of Portugal: no mechanic celebrated after first place.

The Portuguese Grand Prix race was quite disappointing for Bottas. The Finn started first and quickly moved to the front. However, as the laps went by, the pace that Bottas was having was dropping. Lewis hamilton He overtook it like an airplane and showed the vulnerabilities of a Bottas that still cannot be trusted.

Bottas does not suit Mercedes. The last years he was always behind Lewis Hamilton and this caused thousands of rumors regarding his future. However, the break in the relationship between the German structure and the Finnish pilot was the Sakhir Grand Prize of 2020. There, Hamilton could not be present because he was infected with coronavirus. It was Bottas’s big break.

George Russell he took on the job of replacing the seven-time champion, and he showed what talent he has. Far from respecting Bottas, he beat him in all practice sessions, and in qualifying he was second, less than a second behind the Finn. In the race, the Mercedes team made mistakes that cost Russell the victory, although many say that his career was boycotted so that Bottas does not look so weak.


According to the Daily Mail, the Finn will leave the Mercedes team when the 2021 season ends. The news shook everyone, and according to this same medium, George Russell will take the place that Bottas will leave free. On the other hand, they also confirmed the renewal of Lewis Hamilton for next year, with whom he would share a team in case the rumor is official.

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