Fortitude valley stabbing video reddit and twitter – Lauie Michael Tagaloa dead

A young man charged with murder at Fortitude Valley train station will be behind bars and was not taken out of his cell to appear before a judge on Tuesday. The case of Seyram Kwami Djentuh, 20, was heard at Brisbane Arrest Court shortly after he was charged with the murder of Lauie Michael Tagaloa, 24, on Monday afternoon.

Fortitude valley stabbing

Seyram Kwami Djentuh kill

Police said the two groups of young people first came face-to-face at the Brunswick Street Mall around 4 a.m. on Monday. It is not known who started the quarrel. The argument then continued at the Fortitude Valley Station shopping centre.

Footage of the confrontation and the alleged fatal stabbing circulated on social media.

Police said the footage showed the victim and three of his friends, while another group appeared to consist of three young men.

A friend of the victim approached another group and appeared to taunt them in a low profile, as if about to attack.

Men in another group, armed with knives, struck the victim’s friend at least once, but missed.

The victim then emerged from behind the billboard and approached another group with his hands down, according to police.

The knifeman’s attention then shifted to the now-closest group of victims.

A few seconds later, the victim’s throat was slit, he held it for a few seconds, and blood splattered to the ground.

The victim then fell in a pool of his own blood, police said.

His friends moved on to the other group, seemingly unaware that their friend was mortally wounded.

Defense attorney Joe Wiggin appeared in court on Tuesday to request that the case be adjourned until May 8.

Djentuh was unable to apply for bail at Brisbane Arrest Court as he was charged with murder. He could only apply for bail in the Brisbane High Court and was remanded in custody.