Frida Sofía’s stepmother sends her a message of support: ‘We should have protected you’

After Frida Sofía will speak in front of the cameras and denounce that Enrique Guzmán touched her when she was a child, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter raised a wave of opinions and messages of support for her action.

However, not all of his family members sent signs of support to Frida Sofía, since the Guzmán-Pinal family expressed their opinion in a statement and asked him to seek help or take therapy.

Frida Sofía’s stepmother sends a message of support after accusations about Enrique Guzmán: ‘We should have protected you’

But also, there were relatives who assumed part of the blame for this fact, one of them is Beatriz Pasquel, sentimental partner of Frida’s father, Pablo Moctezuma and who has been her stepmother, who expressed her support for the 29-year-old.

“They say that in retrospect our vision is 20/20 and now, in retrospect of your childhood, I understand perfectly well why you were uncomfortable talking about your grandfather. You were crying, you were scared, you didn’t want to see it. We as adults should have protected you from predators, ”Pasquel wrote on his Instagram account.

“We know that it is the reality, the most representative percentage group is the closest people and those we trust the most: the closest grandparents, uncles or grandparents,” he lamented.

They ask not to question the accusations of Frida Sofía about Enrique Guzmán

On the other hand, The businesswoman regretted that various sectors question the feelings of Frida Sofía and also expressed his unconditional support for his stepdaughter.

“Frida, I want you to know that I believe you. Your dad, your brothers and the whole family are with you always! ”, He says in his writing.

“The one who abused was your grandfather. Who is wrong is society and who continues to abuse and perpetuate abuse, a toxic machismo, is this same society, “he added.

Previously, Beatriz has already shown her empathy for Frida in other family lawsuitsFor example, when the singer Alejandra Guzmán declared that in the past she had been beaten by her daughter.

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