Friends: There is already an official date for the meeting

Fans of Friends They are celebrating, because after 17 years of absence, the protagonists of one of the most important series on American television will meet again.

HBO Max announced that it will be the next May 27 when the expected reunion takes place, this accompanied by a 40-second treasser, where the protagonists are seen with their backs embraced.

With the title “The One Where They Get Back Together “ closes the small video that moved the fans of the series.

Friends returns to the screens

It is not yet clear what the meeting will be about, if it will be a special chapter of the characters or if the actors will be the ones to speak. What is clear is that since 2004 when the last chapter was issued, the followers have longed to know what happened to the history of its protagonists.

The Friends series was born in 1994 and had 236 episodes, where the stories of six friends in the City of New York, who lived in a couple of apartments and live different comic adventures.

To date in Warner chanel the series continues to be broadcast in different parts of Latin America.


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