Fulminant: a karting driver was sanctioned for 15 years after a fight with a rival

A few months ago, images of the World Championship of Karting. In a competition on Italian soil, there was a tremendous fight both on and off the track. One of the competitors took a piece of the car he was driving and threw it at a rival passing through the middle of the track. This provoked the outrage of all those who follow motorsport.

In October 2020, Luca corberi competed on one of the dates of the Karting World Championship, organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Corberi belonged to the team Tony kart, one of the most important. That day, Corberi had an incident with another pilot and he was completely angered by what happened.

When getting out of his Karting, the Italian driver took a part of the wing of his car and decided to do one of the worst actions seen in motorsport. Corberi stayed on the side of the track and threw a piece of his car towards a pilot who could not make out who he is. He failed to commit his goal and missed the pitch. Fortunately, there were no major drawbacks.


The International Court of the FIA, with Felipe Massa, President of the Karting Federation, dependent on the FIA, issued the sanction corresponding to Corberi for such an act of indiscipline. Many asked that the Italian never again race in a competition organized by the FIA, although the motor sport regulator has already made a decision.

Luca Corberi received a 15-year sanction without competing in official races. On the other hand, as confirmed by the Soymotor.es medium, the Disciplinary Court came to consider a life penalty for the 23-year-old pilot. Not only was the viral video taken into account, but after the race there was another fight in the paddock area, which involved Corberi’s father.

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