Who is Genie Exum stabbed boyfriend? Photos and videos leaked onlyF and reddit

Instagram model Genie Exum is accused of stabbing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife in Manhattan and allegedly assaulting her cousin with a wine bottle two years ago in Alabama over financial problems, The Washington Post has learned.

genie exum stabbed boyfriend

The 22-year-old girl allegedly got into an argument with her cousin, Jenna Marlowe, 23, when they lived together in Phoenix in 2018, a person familiar with the matter said on condition of anonymity. in an apartment.

According to sources, the genie Exum told her cousin, “I’m going to rip your face off.”

Photos released by The Washington Post show Marlowe with bruises on his face, cuts on his arms and ripped off artificial nails during the fight.

Phoenix police confirmed they were called to investigate the Oct. 21 incident between Exum and Marlow, but the case was dropped after the cousin declined to press charges.

The source said Exum “ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen counter” before allegedly hitting her cousin in the head with the wine and knocking her to the ground.

She reportedly yelled at her cousin: “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to rip your face off. You’ll never be nothing. You’ll never be anything in life.”

Eventually, after Exum left the apartment, neighbors called the police.

Doctors then had to completely remove Marlow’s bleeding nails, sources said.

Relatives said Exum moved to California after the alleged attack, but soon returned to Alabama.

They claim that Exum, who grew up in Alabama, rose to fame after she opened an OnlyF account when she suddenly moved to Miami.

There, she started posting sexy photos of herself on social media and partying with other girls.

“She hasn’t really spoken to anyone around her since she was kind of famous,” said a relative from Alabama.

Relatives said Exum moved into her current gleaming high-rise apartment in Hudson Yards about six months ago.

When she moved to the Big Apple, it wasn’t clear.