George Yzaguirre dead and obituary, True crime TV show – cause of death

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — In October 2020, a Kent County judge described George Yzaguirre as “clearly a monster” for stabbing two people, including a roommate who was stabbed 70 times. Yzaguirre’s brutal and heinous crimes are now being investigated in a true crime TV show. Yzaguirre committed suicide in prison after being sentenced to life in prison for about seven months. he is 37 years old.

The Investigative Discovery Channel’s “Wicked Living” program will discuss Yzaguirre’s case on Sunday, July 3 at 9pm. The episode can be seen on the Discovery+ streaming service on the same day. In November 2019, Yzaguirre lived with David Isner Jr., 34, in a duplex in Kentwood. They are old friends.

Kentwood Police said Isagiri told detectives he was disturbed by what Isner said to him. So he waited until Isner fell asleep before attacking him. Evidence suggests he stabbed Isner more than 70 times. He then dumped the body in an open space near Lake Michigan Avenue and Wilson Avenue NW.

Police believe Isner died on November 28, 2019. Officials responded to Duplex on December 2, 2019, about a missing persons report filed by Isner’s family, who had not seen him for several days. Police found a “staggering amount of blood” at the unit, but there was no sign of anyone.

The next morning, Yzaguirre went to Home Depot near 54th Street and Division Avenue to call a worker because he wanted to report that he had “killed two of his friends.” At the time, they learned where Isner’s body was found in an interview with Yzaguirre.

Yzaguirre also told them that he killed another man, Ed Fuller, 63, at the Fuller home in the Pinegate Village Mobile Home Park on Division Avenue south of 76th Street. He was going to rob Fuller. The police went there and found the body. Yzaguirre pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in August 2020.

In sentencing, Kent County Magistrate Mark Trussock described his crimes as “a series of extremely disturbing circumstances”.

“You, sir, are clearly a monster and a threat to society,” Trussock said.

Yzaguirre’s lawyer said his actions were fueled by drug and alcohol abuse and that “the devil won.”

Isner is the father of three children, including a son who is only a few months old.