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Amouranth has made a splash on social media with her incredible marketing and keen eye for business opportunities.

In addition to being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and one of the most successful models on OnlyF, Sirigusa has managed to capitalize on these opportunities through some clever deals to earn an incredible fortune. Her purchases from various 7-Eleven convenience stores and gas stations expanded her source of income and significantly increased her earnings.

When she announced that she would be teaming up with Slushy for a birthday extravaganza, including streaming some of the party exclusively on her platform, it certainly made a difference for the general audience.

However, as Amouranth listened while discussing her deal with Slushy, the decision seemed obvious.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Amouranth explains what drew her to Slushy, praising the company’s marketing team and its impressive billboard campaign that spiced up the event.

The campaign was designed to promote Amouranth’s recent birthday celebration, which was broadcast live on Slushy and her personal Twitch account. The party was a huge success, with more than 27,000 viewers joining Twitch to celebrate, thanks to a host of content creators including xQc and CodeMiko.

But it wasn’t just Slushy’s marketing team that impressed Amouranth. She expressed her admiration and belief in the future of the platform.

“Feeds are like short videos promoting all the sites,” she explains. “You can then access premium content from there.”

The site allows creators to post and share short content, then directs users to the creator’s paid page. This means that — unlike OnlyF, where users must first subscribe to access creator content — Slushy enables creators to market themselves directly on the platform to users they don’t know.

It’s this discoverability that gives Amouranth confidence in the relatively young site (the app launches in June 2022), which blends the best of TikTok and OnlyF.

“I trust her a lot,” she said. With her track record in selecting companies to invest in, this recognition carries a lot of weight.