Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: Iki Island Trophy List Available

Information tip Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Minimize: Iki Island Trophy Checklist Accessible

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Minimize arrives immediately on PlayStation 5. On the event of the launch of this new manufacturing model of Sucker Punch, we unveil the checklist of trophies for the island of Iki, new territory of the sport.

Discover under the checklist of 13 trophies (together with 7 hidden) from the Isle of Iki DLC from Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Minimize, accessible from August 20 on PlayStation 5 (11 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold).

Bronze Trophies (11)

  • The good thing about all beings

    Construct your legend on Iki Island to earn the Legacy Redeemer title.

  • Redemption from the Scourge

    Liberate the island of Iki by defeating the Eagle and driving the invader from Mongol lands.

  • Treasures of the previous

    Full all of the Legendary Tales of Iki Island.

  • Elegy of Kazumasa

    Full all reminiscences of your father.

  • Fundamental courtesy

    Uncover and full all of the unwritten tales of Iki Island.

  • Singers

    Play because the monkey spirit in Saruiwa.

  • Ishikawa delight

    Get not less than bronze in all archery challenges.

  • Chiyoko’s melody

    Full all animal sanctuaries.

  • Some splinters

    Full all of Bokken’s duels within the Secret Cove match.

  • Versatile warrior

    Full all Shinto shrines, haiku, onsen, and follow bamboo on Iki Island.

  • Blood on my fingers

    Buy an merchandise from the Purple Dye Service provider to acquire dye to your Sakai Horse Armor.

Silver Trophies (1)

  • Gone previous

    Survive Eagle’s Remedy and say goodbye to a brand new good friend.

Gold Trophies (1)

  • Buddy of piracy

    Full all of Iki’s tales.

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