Giampiero Galeazzi dead, from football to the Olympic Games: he entered the homes of Italians

It was a strange day in November, the sky over Rome was gray, but it was hellishly hot. On the contrary, he loves the sun and the miracles of life, what is more rare is that he knows how to spread it. Giampiero Galeazzi died in Rome of a long illness at the age of 75. Today all his words resounded in his ears, those that marked the great blue victory, those that also created the sports epic through the cathode ray tube.

After Abanale’s victory in Seoul in 1988, the comments remained questionable until he was finally struck by a coup, and Galeazzi was unprepared for this. It does not matter, Italy won, and the climax of the victory that he commented was written in history. Along with Maradona’s interview with Naples, Bicestercone is drinking champagne.

Everyone calls him that because he has always been with his figure. Although he was in his early twenties, he was still a big boy, he got into Rai’s investigation, so much so that the reporter Gilberto Evangelisti gave him the nickname, and he always looked like a smile. He satire and self-deprecating, as capable as everyone else, generous to anyone seeking advice, autographs, or interviews.

Galeazzi has dedicated himself, he has dedicated everything he has, that’s why people love him and will continue to love him so much. From Domenica Sportiva at 90 ° Minute, from Domenica In and his friend Mara Venier to marginal notes, Galeazzi revealed to the public his strengths and weaknesses, vices and virtues. He changed the way he talked about sports, praising Rey for a place he would never betray in more than four decades, in his words, “Pipe Budo and Sandro Jyoti are together, atomic bomb.”
Bisteccone is friends with several footballers, tennis players and athletes, and he knows how to be friends with Italians. That’s why everyone is thinking about it today, why everyone is deeply saddened, and why the sky in Rome is so gray.

Sydey’s extraordinary blue gold at the Skull No. 4 Olympics. The legend’s return to the German team made Rai’s comment from Giampiero Galeazzi even more memorable.
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Reaction: the news spread throughout Italy. There have been countless quick responses to the tragic news of Galeazzi’s disappearance. Colleagues, friends, fans, everyone wants to say a word to pay tribute to him. From Abanar and Panata (commentators recounted his achievements) to Serie A clubs. The simple gesture of a character that everyone loves.

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