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Have you ever wondered: “Who is Gianluca Vacchi?” and struggled to find the answer. We too. We may have covered Gianluca Vacchi quite a bit at DMARGE, but what we don’t necessarily cover is who he really is.

So we thought it was time to take a deep dive into Gianluca Vacchi’s world, to understand who he was, how he became famous, what his work was and, perhaps most importantly, what he was worth.

Who is Gianluca Vacci?

Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian businessman, entrepreneur and social media star. At the age of 25, he founded the Italian multinational Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A with his cousin Alberto Vacchi. (IMA) to the stock exchange. IMA has been incredibly successful, and through various holding companies, Gianluca owns about 50% of the company and thus receives annual dividend payments worth about $50 million, which contribute to his wealth.

Gianluca Vacchi graduated with a degree in Business and Economics from Studiorum University in Bologna, Italy, destined to have a keen insight into business. He went down his own business path and started buying and selling stocks to make money. He subsequently became a non-executive director of IMA.

He also started a watch company called ToyWatch, which saw significant growth in its first year. After achieving this growth, he sold the company. He also founded the Last Minute Tour company, which he later sold after achieving significant growth.

Due to his now playboy lifestyle, Gianluca Vacchi also enjoys the party life and even works as a great DJ. He started DJing in 2013 at the age of 46 and has emphasized his love of partying through his social media accounts.

Through his interest in DJing, Gianluca Vacchi has worked with Steve Aoki, Nicola Zucchi, Christian Lena and Albertino among others. He has a recording contract with dance label Spinnin’ Records and has released several songs that are available on YouTube.

One of the biggest draws, at least for us at DMARGE, is that Gianluca Vacchi takes care of his body with a variety of workout routines and investing in some of the latest equipment, all aimed at improving his health. He’s living proof that you’re never too old to train, and if anything, some of his training might be too hard for his younger peers.

You can always assume Italian men are born with style and style, but Gianluca Vacchi really knows how to dress well. Whether he’s pairing traditional outfits perfectly with modern shirts or showing off an enviable watch, he’s someone you need to follow.

Gianluca Vacci family

Gianluca Vacchi has been in contact with many women in the past, most notably Giorgia Gabriele, with whom he shares dance videos on his Instagram account. The videos went viral, essentially catapulting him to social media stardom.

He parted ways with Gabriele, and after a relationship or two, he settled down with model Sharon Fonseca, 27. Gianluca announced on May 11, 2020 that he and Fonseca are expecting their first child. Their daughter, Blue Jerushana Vach, was born on October 28, 2020.

Gianluca Vacci net worth
Gianluca Vacchi’s net worth is estimated at $200 million. Much of that comes from his involvement with IMA, but he’s no doubt now earning big bucks through social media posts and guest appearances at various events around the world.