Girl who avoided kidnapping defended herself by seeing ‘Law and Order’

A few days ago, we saw a terrible case of an 11-case girl who escaped being kidnapped in Florida, after fighting with a Latino man, who tried to take her away, but she defended herself to the extent that the criminal decided to flee.

How did the 11-year-old girl in Florida escape the kidnapping?

The scenes are shocking, in images of a video released by authorities of Florida show how the girl named Alyssa she was playing 100 meters from her house and the man passes her in a white car.

The man walks away and moments later, decides to return and He tries to get the girl into his car, however, the girl begins to struggle and manages to get rid of her kidnapper. In addition, he picked up his backpack and things, and then ran home.

Faced with this act of courage, the commissioner of Pensacola, Florida, said that he had never seen an act of greater value and that they would even reward the girl for defending herself as a “soldier”.

The girl put blue plasticine on the aggressor’s arm

Within a few hours, the police arrested a suspect of Latino origin, who was in a white car and he had a small detail that the girl caused him during the struggle.

It turns out that when trying to kidnap Alyssa, the girl had a kind of blue plasticine in her hands and she put the material on her arms and clothing the offender.

11-year-old girl who avoided kidnapping in Florida learned to defend herself by watching ‘Law and Order’

According to Alyssa, she learned this by watching the program “La Ley y El Orden” (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), series created by Dick Wolf, as it could be a test to identify the alleged aggressor.

“I knew there would be more evidence for them to find him,” Alyssa said in an interview with NBC.

“I was able to put playdough on his arm. I also put him on the forearm, “added Alyssa.

The evidence led to the arrest of a suspect

After the attempted kidnapping, Alyssa’s parents and the girl went to file a complaint, so elements of the police had some clues to find this aggressor.

Once they found the Latin man, he had traces of the blue play dough left by Alyssa on his arm and clothes.

The man is currently arrested accused of kidnapping, armed assault and assault. In addition, he will be in prison for a long time and he is still waiting for his trial date.

On the other hand, in the interview with NBC they asked Alyssa how she felt after the event and the girl shocked everyone with her remarkable response.

“I think Detective Olivia Benson would be proud of me. He would have congratulated me on my courage and my work, “he said.