Glen de Vries space travel companion of Jeff Bezos dead in accident plane crash today

Glen M. de Vries, who traveled to space w/ William Shatner last month, was killed along with another man when a small plane crashed in New Jersey. De Vries, a trustee at Carnegie Mellon University, and Thomas P. Fischer were killed in the crash.

Glen de Vries space travel companion of Jeff Bezos and William Shatner dies in plane crash

Grundfries, a businessman, flew into space on Blue Origin with Jeff Bezos’ company last month and was killed in a plane crash Thursday. According to the New Jersey State Police, he was 49 years old.

The plane crashed in Sussex County, New Jersey, shortly before 3 in the afternoon. De Vries and Thomas P. Fischer, 54, died. The United States Armed Forces stated that they are investigating the accident.

De Vries is a private pilot in his spare time, trained as a molecular biologist and co-founded Medidata Solutions, the most widely used clinical research platform in the world.

The company’s software has managed more than 25,000 clinical trials with more than 7 million patients. Dassault Systèmes acquired the company in 1999 for $ 5.8 billion.

“Our thoughts and support are with the Glenn family,” a Dassault Systèmes spokesman said in a statement Friday.

“We also extend our condolences to the MEDIDATA team that Glen co-founded. His tireless energy, empathy and pioneering spirit have left an imprint on all who know him. We will truly miss Glen, but his dream, we share it, to continue to exist: we will pursue advances in life sciences and health care enthusiastically like him. “

Last month, De Vries spent more than 10 minutes in space with actor William Shatner, Australian businessman Chris Boshuizen and Blue Origin executive Audrey Bowles after the launch.

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