Glennis Grace Zoon jumbo video leaked, Glennis Grace and her 15-year-old son trapped at the police station

Singer Glennice Grace, her 15-year-old son and co-defendants have been released again. The three have been detained since last Saturday on suspicion of being involved in the abuse of employees of the Jumbo supermarket in Amsterdam’s Westerstraat. Prosecutors have placed restraining orders on all three.

This is what the police reported tonight. The singer was fired today along with her son and co-defendants, according to police. All three remain suspects in the case, but according to police, they do not need further detention for the investigation.

Regional ban in the Jumbo region

Prosecutors issued conduct warrants for Grace, her son and another suspect. That means the three of them are no longer allowed to visit the supermarket on West Street. They are also not allowed to be near Jumbo or have any contact with the supermarket staff.

seven suspects

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, according to police. Police have so far identified seven people who entered the supermarket and then “committed a considerable amount of overt violence.” Of the seven suspects, three have been arrested. The other four suspects have not been arrested. Police have not yet identified them. Grace wrote in an Instagram message that she trusted the police investigation.

Glennis’ lawyers and management have told RTL Boulevard that they believe the singer has committed no crime. Their statement: “After some questions regarding the situation of Glennice Grace and the various stories that have appeared in the media, we inform you that the police investigation is still ongoing, which we believe will prove that Glennice did not commit any crime … for Now, we’ll wait and see before we make any more announcements.

Glennis Grace remains in police station after arrest

Singer Glenda Batta and her 15-year-old son Anthony were arrested Saturday for an alleged fight at a supermarket. Glennis’s son is said to have lit up an e-cigarette in the store that afternoon and was approached by staff. According to Glennis’ attorney, he would have been at home with his injuries.

So Glennis went to the supermarket and bought a story. “Customers went to the supermarket to talk to these employees. They laughed at her and then she allegedly pushed an employee. Her lawyer confirmed that the singer pushed an employee, but does not admit that she hit him and kicked the allegation.