Godzilla vs Kong, who would win in a fight according to science?

Godzilla vs Kong is one of the films that generated the most expectation worldwide. Months before its release, the film became one of the most anticipated of 2021 and immediately generated debates on social networks between people who defended the primate and those who were on the side of the reptile.

Thousands of people argued that Kong would win the fight because of his more developed intelligence, others that Godzilla would emerge triumphant due to his legendary powers such as the powerful lightning that he spits from his muzzle.

The multiple informal theories prompted Beth Daley of The Conversation to do research to compare both beasts to a scientific underpinning. Aspects how skeletal, tissue, morphological and biomechanical features were analyzed in order to give a verdict closer to reality on the winner of the contest.

Before analyzing the strength and powers of both monsters, it is important to note that Godzilla and Kong surpass any biological example studied on Earth due to their enormous size and the laws of physics. These two aspects would generate problems such as: difficulty for their hearts to pump blood to their brains, motor deficiencies or temperature regulation.

Kong and his motor similarity with the human being

Despite being what appears to be a giant primate, Kong is always upright and walks on two legs, making it easier for him to move with greater agility and speed on Earth. In addition, he has strong arms and hands that allow him to climb structures with ease and use tools.

Kong’s upright, bipedal posture is similar to that of humans, which could mean that his torso is flexible, a factor that would allow for easy rotation. This boils down to Kong making a great item launcher, a plus point during a fight.

Kong has a skull very similar to that of a gorilla and which is made up of a crest, which would be the anchor point for the muscles of a strong jaw.

In short, strong, agile and faster on land; Able to throw objects and use tools, Kong is a tough opponent to beat in a fight.

Godzilla, a real destructive mass

Despite having gills, Godzilla can breathe out of water and can fight on both terrains. Although he lacks Kong’s motor skills, Godzilla does have a huge tail, a limb that dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex used to balance and run.

Unlike other dinosaurs, Godzilla stands fully upright and has an oversized pair of legs that give his tail more strength, which he can use as a kind of deadly whip.

Aside from his tail, Godzilla has natural armor due to his thick, scaly skin. Not forgetting the three rows of spikes that go down from its head to its tail and its powerful sharp teeth. Without a doubt, Godzilla is a bulk of greater tonnage than Kong.

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