Gogglebox duck scene leaked video, X-Rated scene between a woman and a duck

As a TV show that sees other people watching, Gogglebox makes sure it covers a range of genres to capture the reactions of its participants, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. Check out the celebs’ reactions to the adult scene of a woman and a duck below:

On Gogglebox, we looked at responses to comedy, drama, horror, and reality shows, but in any case, the actors usually had at least one or two comments that made the audience laugh.

Now, stars have to put up with scenes where ducks are intimate—yes, I mean intimacy—with human women.

This quirky episode comes from Apple TV+’s Roar, a feminist anthology starring Nicole Kidman based on a collection of short stories by Cecelia Ahern.

One of the stories is titled the woman being fed by the duck, and we’re not talking about some sort of comedic role reversal where the duck throws bread at the woman.

Of course, the actors were shocked, shocked, and confused by what was unfolding on the TV screen, and they certainly weren’t the only ones.

Viewers at home may have taken a little relief from the bizarre nature of the scene, as they were haunted by the actors’ reactions, but that didn’t stop the coming-of-age moments between the woman and the duck from being less disturbing.

Mary of Giles and Mary Idols didn’t hesitate to explain to Giles how the situation would unfold as she told her partner the duck could “use its beak as a penetration tool”, much to a shocked Giles Yelling “No”! ‘

Other viewers shared their fears on Twitter, with one unable to comprehend that they “really just saw a duck sitting in the same room as my mom and fucking a woman”, while another asked: “WTAF , I just looked at Gogglebox, women and ducks really???

A third wrote: “Gogglebox hurts me with that little duck scene. I’m going to slap me.”

When I rewatched Gogglebox with my mom, I realized that I had watched the duck scene fucking twice. Why did I see it twice? 😳😑 #glassescase#duck#roar

Thankfully, Pete and the Sophie siblings managed to inject some humor into the affair – albeit just before the situation really reached its, ahem, orgasm – Pete highlighted Sophie’s ‘seductive’ take on the woman. Clothes reviews.

Even Rant star Merritt Weaver, who played the woman in that particular scene, admitted she avoided the scene with her character and duck, telling the Radio Times she “didn’t see that part”.

“I said, ‘You don’t have to carry this burden. You don’t have to see it,'” she said.

Wever said people asked her what she thought of the episode, but she said she was more interested in “what people saw and learned, how we felt about it.”

She admits to being “nervous to hear how it’s going to be received,” but I think Gogglebox answers the question: fear.