José Alberto, known as El niño de oro de apatlaco, dead after being hit by a bull

José Alberto, 15 years old, “El Niño de Oro”, died in a hospital hours after being hit and dragged by a bull, during a jaripeo that took place on Sunday in San Isidro Huilotepec, #Atlixco.

After being trampled by a bull in San Isidro Huilotepec, Atlixco, Puebla, a minor under 15 years old died from the injuries caused by the bull. Last Sunday a party was held in the community of San Isidro Huilotepec. The feature of the event was the realization of the jaripeo, in which a child under 15 years old, nicknamed “Niño de Oro”, José Alberto Enríquez Báez, participated. . de Apatlaco “For his activity over the years.

However, the “Golden Boy” was seriously injured after losing his balance in the Bulls’ defense, when one of the spurs got stuck in the stirrups and caused the 500 kg animal to fall to the ground, he could not reach the ground. He will use his hind legs to attack multiple times.

In one of the videos that circulated on social networks, other riders took several minutes to enter the ring to pull the bull’s tail to control the bull and free the minor; However, there was no medical assistance in this place, so he was transferred. to the Gonzalorio Alonte Medical Center and there he entered the night of Sunday, November 7.

Although doctors worked hard to save his life, the injuries were incompatible, so the death of the “Golden Boy of Apatraco” was confirmed in the early hours of Monday. Therefore, they notified the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office, who opened an investigation folder.

It is worth mentioning that the minor has been dedicated to this activity for many years and has given lectures in various Jaripeos in Puebla and other states.

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