Goodbye Madrid? Zidane’s message about his arrival at an Italian soccer giant: “We’ll see …”

After the 3-1 victory against Liverpool by Champions League, Zidane spoke with various media. In his statements with Sky Italia, the coach referred not only to the minor of the quarterfinal commitment of said competition, he also made a curious confession “We will see…” when he was rebuked about a possible arrival in Italian football, with one of the greats.

The now technician of the Real Madrid was questioned why he missed more Del Piero or Italy ?: Both, Italy is in my heart, I spent five years in Turin and Juventus is still important to me, “he said. It should be noted that Zidane played for the Turin team and that during his speech in this interview, Del Piero, another of the team’s legends, was as a commentator.

He also spoke about directing Juventus in the future: “I’m here for now, we’ll see …”, said the coach. In Italy, he delves into this possibility, taking into account Zidane’s past in the Vecchia Signora team. Those who did not receive the comment in the best way were the Real Madrid fans who dream of the coach lifting a new European Cup with the white jersey.


“It feels very good but it is a mixture of feelings, having played a great game and also having difficulty at the beginning of the second half, we played a good game, I am very proud of everyone. But there is a return match, the return is left “, said Zidane at the close of the victory during the press conference of the UEFA. The technician was happy with the result.

However, he did not want to forget that there is a pending duel to achieve the goal: “We have not won anything, we are happy with what we are doing. What the players are doing is tremendous with the difficulties we have had,” said the coach. For now, far from thinking about Italy, he will have to think about the Classic that awaits him next Saturday against Barcelona.

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