Goodbye to the blue essence! Gwen, the new League of Legends champion arrives with an amazing trailer

USA.- League of Legends continues to surprise summoners. Patch 11.7 was recently released with various buffs and nerfs. And now he surprises with an amazing trailer of his new champion: Gwen, the Consecrated Seamstress who has a history close to nothing less than Viego the Ruined King. Therefore, in the Intra News We will tell you about this update.

In 2020 Riot Games launched no less than six new characters: Sett, Samira, Lilia, Yone, Seraphine and Rell, of course this was taken advantage of by gamers who little by little have been made of them. Even, you can still see a high ban rate for Yone, Seraphine or Rell despite the adjustments that have been made to all of them so that they adapt well to the goal.

For this reason, League of Legends continues to innovate in this area and a few weeks ago Viego was launched (victim of an incredible number of bans in the qualifiers). The terror of the Ruined King in the jungle remains a constant despite modifications by Riot. And now it is the turn of Gwen, a character related to the Shadow Isles (thematic of the next few months).

“Once upon a time, a seamstress made a lovely little doll. This doll loved its creator very much, but sadly, tragedy tore them apart and the doll sank under the sea and sadness. Centuries passed, but the doll did not stop, because she knew that love would find her again. ”, Tells the story of Gwen, the Consecrated Seamstress in an animated video by LOL.

In this context, you can see a woman who has created a doll that she later kept in a drawer and everything indicates that the creator dies, but her soul is inside this doll. Rumors suggest that it could be Isolde, the wife of the Ruined King and the first gameplay trailer is now available. Their weapons will be needles and scissors, very similar to what Riven or Samira do.

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