Jo14gameplay Twitter video leaked of Kid and mother – Who is Gore_890 viral?

The Jo14gameplay Twitter account, which was trending on Twitter under the name “Gore_890” before today, is currently trending on social media and TikTok after tweeting an unwatchable video. We will explain on Twitter who Gore_890 is, why he changed his Twitter username to “Jo14gameplay”, and what Jo14gameplay’s Twitter video is.

MRandom News Jo14gameplay Twitter video leaked of Kid and mother - Who is Gore_890 viral?

More specifically, on March 30, 2022, the names “Gore_890 Twitter” and “Jo14gameplay Twitter” began to trend on TikTok and other social media platforms. People started discussing an invisible video of a child, his mother and brother, originally posted to Twitter by Twitter user “Gore_890”.

Later, people started talking about the same gore_890 twitter video with different tags “Jo14gameplay twitter video”, and many people were confused about the twitter user and the viral video. A lot of people are starting to wonder if these are different Twitter accounts or one, and on which Twitter account the video in question might be available.

Many became curious to watch the Gore_890 video, which was later tagged as a Jo14gameplay video on Twitter. NewPakWeb will introduce you to the above Twitter accounts and videos that will be discussed with these Twitter accounts.

Video: Jo14gameplay twitter video and Gore_890 video explained on twitter

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After looking at Twitter and doing some in-depth research, NewPakWeb found that Gore_890’s Twitter page is exactly the same as Jo14gameplay. The truth is that after “Gore_890” became popular on Douyin, he changed his Twitter name to “Jo14gameplay”.

Gore_890, now known as Jo14gameplay, shared a terrifying video of the accident and its aftermath.

Jo14 gameplay video (Gore_890 video) shows a mother holding her injured child and screaming for help. The boy appears to have had a horrific accident and lost his life. The video also shows a dog and another child, who appears to be the deceased child’s brother, walking behind the woman. The second child is also screaming for help, and the dog barks expressing concern for the condition of the accident child.

Jo14gameplay’s Twitter video further shows that people around the woman were panicking and unable to help her and her children.

Due to the nature of the video, we cannot upload it here and advise you not to watch it as the alleged video is very disturbing. However, if you are too curious, we can provide you with a link to the Jo14gameplay twitter video (Gore_890 twitter video) which you can watch on twitter via this twitter post link.