Grandma Holla dead – Who Is Ms Holla on Tiktok? passed away today

A TikToker mourning the death of her beloved grandmother has gone viral after sharing a video she believes she received from the other side while laying her ashes.

TikTok user @meikab98 garnered more than 5.9 million views after sharing a video of her and her family gathering near a pond to sprinkle her late grandmother’s ashes at the matriarch’s residence.

Meka shared that the final resting place was chosen because it was a place her grandmother frequented and always loved.

“My grandmother always wanted to be here. When we did, she told us she loved us,” Meka wrote in a text overlay for the video, which shows a family member scattering her grandmother’s ashes on the water lens.

Pull out the Kleenex and prepare to get goosebumps from what happens next in the video

As the ashes scatter over the pond, they appear to be separated. The family noticed the words “I [heart] you” clearly appeared in the water.

Mekka and her family were left in shock and tears after seeing her grandmother’s final message, while members behind the camera exclaimed “OMG”, “This is awesome” and “I love your grandmother”. The news deeply touched the family’s emotions, but so were many other TikTokers who saw the video.

TikTok user @angelcatto wrote: “I laughed, then cried,” while user @iambl3ssed commented: “The way I’m chilling.” But TikTok without the virus is complete without its naysayers.

Maeka decided to disprove the theory that the clip was a stunt by sharing the full video with her followers on the platform.

Her full, unedited video shows her family gathered on the shore in front of the crystal clear waters and advances further to the moment her family discovers her grandmother’s special message. Have you ever experienced something like this? Share your story with PopCrush Nights host Lauryn Snapp by connecting to the PopCrush app.