Guitarist John Goodsall has dead – cause of death

Guitarist John Goodsall has left the planet. The phenomenal guitarist for Brand X is sounding the heavens at 68. I saw Goodsall on the first US Brand X Tour in 1976 and their most recent tour and Goodsall was blazing in all of them.

John Goodsall is dead. The guitarist is one of the founding members of the fusion band Brand X, and Phil Collins once belonged to the band. In recent years, Goodsall has also been the driving force behind the reunion of the band. Brand X has toured extensively in North America, especially before the corona blockade.

His death was reported on the band’s Facebook page, but no further information was provided. Goodsall passed away yesterday at the age of 68. We hope his family and friends can be strong in this difficult time. You can also read about John Goodsall’s music in the special edition An Unorthodox History on our Brand X website.

However, of course, it was in the company of Percy Jones, Robin Lumley and Phil Collins that Goodsall found his spiritual home in 1975, and is working with various musicians including Bill Bruford and Michael. Previously, classic works such as “Nuclear Burning” were created.

Des Barres just cite a few names from all walks of life-what happened when the guitarist recorded the famous “Rebel Yell” solo for Billy Idol, whether it was approved or not.

John’s six-string band also directed ZOO DRIVE and FIRE MERCHANTS courses in the 1980s, until BRAND X returned in 1992 and made a comeback again in 2016. They have actively toured and released live albums in recent years-all albums carry the indelible stamp of Goodsall’s albums. Countless enthusiasts will miss him deeply.

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