Model Haniset Rodríguez’s pack on OnlyFans and reddit wins 100 thousand dollars in two days

Cuban model and singer Haniset Rodríguez announced in an interview that she earned $100,000 in just two days after opening her account on OnlyFans, a social network where content creators earn money from subscribers.

MRandom News Model Haniset Rodríguez's pack on OnlyFans and reddit wins 100 thousand dollars in two days

According to her statements to the DestinoTalk Show, Rodríguez opened her account on the platform on March 15. A few days later, the Cuban entered the top 20 app content creators and has earned $100,000. “I please my followers,” explained the model, adding that they asked her to post explicit content, which she uploaded, although she did not exceed the limit, “because I am a public figure.”

According to a CiberCuba report, Rodríguez’s followers pay $50 a month to subscribe to her channel and access content published by Cubans residing in Hialeah. “What’s $50 in this country for someone who follows you, likes you and knows they’re going to connect with you?” she said in the interview. After a few years on television, where she worked on programs like TN3 on Channel 41, the Cuban was fired from her and she decided to bet on the business model offered by OnlyFans.

Founded in 2016, the digital platform has become a favorite among actresses and actors in the porn industry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows them to earn money by posting sexually explicit content. But the business models offered by social networks also attract international entertainment stars who are not related to porn and want to charge extra for their posts. Such is the case of celebrities such as Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B and Mia Khalifa, who upload to the platform monthly for content that earn millions of dollars.