Hank Williams jr dead or still alive? Whats happened?

In his first statement since the death of his wife Mary Jane, Hank Williams Jr thanked fans and friends for their prayers.

On March 29, the son of country star and country legend Hank Williams Sr. was heartbroken and thanked the public for their support. He also noted that the show, originally scheduled for April 1, will go ahead as planned.

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“Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during this time,” he said via a message on Instagram and other social media, adding that his family encouraged him to perform at the concert. “Not only is it cured, I don’t want to disappoint fans who bought tickets.”

Williams’ musician son, Sam Williams, joined his father on stage in Mississippi, according to social media reports. The third-generation country singer posted some photos of the concert, and included lyrics to his father’s song “Weather Man” in the caption.

“I’ve been through too many ups and downs,” he wrote, labelling Hank Williams Jr.

Serena Williams also spoke about his mother’s death and paid an emotional tribute on social media, with family photos, old and new.

“I will always be Mary Jane’s son,” Sam wrote. “RIP Mom. I will always love you. Miss Spruce Creek High School, Miss Hawaii Tropical, Miss Mary Jane Williams, my forever mom, my everything.”

Mary Jane Williams died on March 22 at the age of 58. TMZ reported that her cause of death was a complication after a medical procedure, possibly a blood clot. A police spokesman in Jupiter, Florida, told the site that they received a call at 5 p.m. from the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa that Mary Jane was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead.

Hank Williams Jr. and Mary Jane met in 1985 at a concert he was performing. They were married in 1990 and have two children, Kate Williams-Dunning and Sam Williams. Their eldest son Kate tragically passed away in a car accident in 2020 at the age of 27.

Williams has some tour dates scheduled this summer, from May 27 in Billings, Montana, to August 12 at Beaver Dam, Kentucky.

In 1986, George Strait and his wife Norma lost their first child. Jenifer Strait, born October 6, 1972, died in a car accident in San Marcos, Texas. She was 13 when she died, but Strait didn’t let the tragedy happen in vain. Instead, he founded the Jennifer Lynn Strait Foundation, which is still donating to children’s charities in San Antonio.

Gary Allen’s life changed dramatically on October 25, 2004, when the singer’s wife of three, Angela Herzberg, committed suicide. Angela was 36 when she shot herself. With Allen at home with the kids, the singer took a long time coping with grief, which even meant making time for music and songs. Eventually he learned that music had a therapeutic effect on him.

The Montgomery Gentleman singer’s son Hunter died in September 2015 after an accident and he was admitted to intensive care. The 19-year-old just became a father. He was the youngest of four Montgomery children. For the Kentucky native, the tragedy was one of many. In the five years before Hunter’s death, he battled (and overcame) cancer, divorced, lost his record deal, and filed for personal bankruptcy.

In 1984, Jack Benny Lynn, one of Loretta Lynn’s six children, lost a very important part of her family. Jack rode his horse Black Jack and never came back. He had tried to cross the Duck River near the farm, but the water was too rough for him to cross. Meanwhile, Lynn was found unconscious and was hospitalized with exhaustion. Because of this, she was not immediately informed of her son’s untimely death.