Hans Korompis dead and obituary, Mar•ket chef cause of death

Death of Hans Krompis – Seattle, Washington resident Hans Krompis has tragically passed away. News of Hans Korompis’ death was confirmed on his social media pages. The cause of Hans Colombes’ death has not been released by the family. Mourners wrote their condolences on various social media platforms while announcing the death of Hans Colombis. As people mourned the death of Hans Colombis, tributes poured in from all directions. SNBC13 learned of Andrew Lee’s death after it was announced on huge social media.

Anyone who knows Hans will tell you that he is a unique individual with a wide range of skills that have helped him succeed as a chef. Hans joined Salt & Iron in 2015, but it didn’t take long for him to establish himself as one of our top chefs. In our opinion, Hans proved that his heart is bigger than his cooking skills. With his calm demeanor, Hans befriended many employees and established himself as a pillar of stability. In 2018, FeedmeHRG decided to develop into a new concept, serving seafood from the coast in a welcoming environment.

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It was because we tried to pair chefs with restaurants, not restaurants with chefs, that the MARKET brand was born. Hans seized the brand and made it his own, developing dishes with Northwestern and Asian influences, including familiar dishes such as our famous lobster crab rolls, lemongrass shrimp and grits, and salt and pepper soft shell crab . Thanks to his efforts, a whole new culinary subgenre was instantly recognized by food influencers with hundreds of thousands of fans in downtown Edmonds and Seattle.

Through the staff he has trained, Hans’ MARKET brand now serves food in four different locations: Downtown Edmonds, Seattle Art Museum, Olympic Sculpture Park and Castle St. Michael. His popularity has grown not only nationally but also locally, with thousands of people watching him on social media and getting to know him as a great cook. He embodies the pursuit of Asian American immigrants for who they are, not for who others think they should be. Because Hans is himself, he is able to connect with everyone.