Hard complaint against MotoGP: they assure that there were abuses in the construction of a circuit

In the last hours it was learned that various Human Rights organizations made a strong complaint against the promoters and organizers of MotoGP. According to this complaint, there were several abuses against inhabitants and workers of the urban circuit of Mandalika, which will host the Indonesian Grand Prix in 2022.

This track was news as the race organizers assured that they will not carry out the Grand Prix this year. The circuit was part of the list of races that were in reserve, in case another circuit fell off the calendar. The category confirmed that the Indonesian Grand Prix will be part of the Championship in March 2022.


Although the hopes of Asian fans are pinned on this race, the United Nations (UN) made a strong complaint against MotoGP for various abuses in the construction of the Mandalika Urban Circuit. The UN points out that the people who lived in the territories where the route is located today were unscrupulously displaced by the organizers.

In addition, they assure that the construction of the circuit is dangerous, due to the economic situation of the country due to the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Olivier de Schutter, Rapporteur on Legal Issues of the UN, is the main complainant. De Schutter took direct aim at one of the largest Indonesian tourism companies.

“Credible sources have discovered that residents have been subjected to threats and intimidation and have been forcibly evicted from their lands. All this without offering compensation or a solution to the land expropriation dispute. This is not the time to build infrastructure for the exclusive benefit of a handful of economic actors. The post-COVID they should focus on the well-being of local communities.


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