Harry Styles playing golf with Matthew McConaughey in Dallas – Koyaskeeper

Harry Styles playing golf with Matthew McConaughey in Dallas, according to the Tiktok and Instagram user Koyaskeeper who in a video narrates that he was playing golf and the famous singer Harry Styles was on the field and that he had not noticed his presence with Matthew McConaughey

The romantic love between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles in January was strong in September, even though Styles began his tour. I! A source detailed the situation between Wilde and the singer and how they will treat him during the tour. Wilde will support her boyfriend during the show.

The source said: “Olivia will work, but she plans to join Harry’s tour without work.” “She thinks the tour will be fun. They don’t want to be apart for long. She will go while she is.” free. find it. “

The source added that, in general, Wilde and Styles get along well as a couple. The source said: “Everything is fine between them.” “They always support each other at work. This is the other side of him that you hope to enjoy. She is very proud of him and excited about what is about to happen.” . “

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