Have you thought about it? The reason why it is impossible to stand on Jupiter

USA.- Jupiter It has been placing itself among the trends in recent days because of how amazing it is. The gigantic planet of the Solar system it has large amounts of liquid metallic hydrogen and is highly compressed by atmospheric pressure. Therefore, the main characteristic that would prevent us from standing up would be this, coupled with another even more amazing.

First of all, it is important to note that in order to find a rocky area on Jupiter, we would need to sink tens of thousands of kilometers. In this way, if by these “supernatural” coincidences we could enter the Planet, it would end us completely, since its density is greater than that of water, so the pressure would end up annihilating us.

How is it possible? In a very simple way, because the POT He has given as an example that if we were on Jupiter we would feel a sensation similar to having 130 thousand cars on every inch of our body. Therefore, it is impossible for a person to stand up, firstly, because of how difficult it is to find a rocky area and, secondly, because of how tortuous it would be.

Source: NASA on Twitter.

In this sense, dreaming of traveling and setting foot on Jupiter is extremely difficult, contrary to what we are seeing on Mars with the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter. In addition, an extra piece of information that can help us gauge the complexity of the gas giant is that its opaque clouds make it impossible to see through them and its atmosphere is made up of mostly hydrogen and helium.

Jupiter It takes 10 hours to make a complete revolution on itself and to circle the Sun about 11 years and 314 days. In addition, this is a very “hot” planet and can reach 630 ° C and its temperature drops as you enter. For all the above, the dream of visiting this planet and “stepping on” it as it has been done with Mars only remains to collect data that teach us more about the composition of the gas giant.

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