He broke the rules! David Beckham broke the law in the United States and risks a harsh sanction

David beckham is in trouble after the Major League Soccer (MLS) will ensure that Inter Miami broke the rules by hiring the French footballer Blaise matuidi, paying more than allowed. The 34-year-old experienced midfielder arrived last year from Juventus for a sum that “was above the compensation limit” for a player in the assigned category, when he should have been placed as a franchise player.

When David Beckham was a Los Angeles Galaxy player, back in 2007, the MLS established a “Beckham rule” to level the limit of franchise players who charge a certain amount of money. “As a result, Inter Miami CF violated the limit of Franchise Players as the team had three Franchise Players in addition to Matuidi during 2020,” the US league said in an official statement.

The MLS opened this investigation in early March and according to sources Inter Miami will be sanctioned for the inclusion of Matuidi. “The League is finalizing the investigation and will announce the results of the investigation, including sanctions, shortly,” added the league statement. Matuidi, World Cup champion with France in 2018, was hired through specific award funds and not using the figure of franchise player, the Miami club said. It is not yet known if Inter will receive a sanction from the league but it would be communicated in the next few hours.

This rule provides that league teams can have up to three players as a “franchise”, to set a kind of salary limit, something similar to the NBA. Argentines Gonzalo Higuain and Matías Pellegrini, together with Mexican Rodolfo Pizarro, are already part of that type of salary, so Inter would have broken the rules. The team owned by Beckham announced this Friday that it had paid the option to purchase Pellegrini to Estudiantes de La Plata, thus allowing Matuidi to free up a franchise player position.

“We have worked with Matías, his representatives and the MLS to reach an agreement, and at this moment we believe that this is the best option for all parties. He is a talented young player with an exciting career. He will stay with the organization as we work to find an opportunity on the field and his next steps, ”Miami athletic director Chris Henderson said in an official statement. Inter Miami will have its premiere in this new MLS season this Sunday against the Los Angeles Galaxy at home.

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