He does not lower his pretensions: Vicente Luque aimed directly at the title for his future in the UFC

Vicente Luque, MMA fighter extraordinary, wants a legend from UFC for your next step. It was a couple of minutes for history at UFC 260, where the South American smashed Tyron Woodley, leaving him almost out of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. Now, he understands very well what he wants and looks directly at Kamaru usman, the Welterweight Champion.

Being so, Luque He recounted: »Top of the division, most of these guys are fighters. Many of them have good shots too, but are more grip-oriented. They are trying to tire their opponents and eventually attack in later rounds. Eventually I want to face other guys like that. I think Leon Edwards would be a great test. Colby Covington would be another great guy I’d like to fight, because if you look at the champion right now, he’s an amazing fighter. “

And having a guy like Woodley try to do that against me, try to tire me out, and I was trying to reverse that and just impose my will and then take the fight to where I wanted it to unfold on the punches, that shows the division that I’m ready to fight with these guys and show myself too, that my fight has evolved a lot in recent years, “said the South American.

The title is your goal

In addition, Vincent He commented, ‘I’ve been working on it, I just hadn’t faced a fighter. So it was great facing Woodley at this point. He has been developing his punches, but he is an incredible fighter. So if I want to be ready to beat a guy like that, I have to be ready to face tough competition like Colby, like Leon Edwards. They are going to try to do the same against me.

“I definitely want him to keep that title until I get there, unless it’s against Gilbert Burns, because Gilbert Burns is my good friend and we always help each other in every fight. I know what kind of fighter he is and he really can be one of the best welterweights ever. I would love to eventually be able to fight him and have him be the champion and I will dethrone him. It would be amazing and I know it would be one of my toughest fights. I would love to have him as a champion and fight him », he concluded Vicente Luque.

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