He has a lot of pressure: Miesha Tate thinks he must win on his return to the UFC

A few days ago, it was confirmed that Miesha Tate will be back in UFC, wanting to get the title back. The former champion of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company made it clear that all the waiting is over, being anxious to get back to the cage. Thus, it was made official that he will return on July 17, when he collided with Marion reneau. Now, she spoke with the press and made it clear that there is a lot of pressure on her.

In that sense, Tate He started by saying, “I know everyone thinks I’m so crazy because they think, ‘What is he doing, taking four years off and coming back, thinking he can beat Amanda?’ But I’ve always been like this. I will always believe in myself. I will always aim for the moon, and if I get lost, I will land among the stars. That is my mindset when approaching this, and I have to believe in myself.

I really do. I’m excited to show you July 17th because this will be Miesha Tate 2.0. This is a different Miesha Tate when I have a good support system behind me. I’m not exhausted going to training camps, I’m not exhausted going to fights, I’m not depressed. I have good support, like a lot of these other fighters who go to their training camps, and I just wanted to see what I could do compared to when I don’t have all that, “he highlighted.

Prepares for everything

On the other hand, Miesha he dictated: “There is a lot of pressure on me in this fight. I know he lost his last four, but he came very close in two of the losses and everyone looks at him like, ‘Oh, he lost his last four. That’s a lot of pressure because she’s not a bad fighter. She is a good fighter. It really is, and often suffers hotly contested losses. She subdued Sara McMann, and first hurt her with a good right hand.

“She has done really great things. He’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu and he’s never finished either. She is tough. So I think people are going to say, ‘Oh, she lost four in a row, Miesha should smoke her.’ But they may not see it that way. I do not know. But that’s what I feel like people are going to see like, ‘She’s better.’ So I have to be really ready for this fight. It is a situation in which I must win. I don’t see it any other way », he closed Miesha Tate.

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