He wants to continue: the possible new step of Michael Bisping in the UFC that excites the fans

The legend of the world of UFC, Michael bisping, left everyone with their mouths open for his sayings of these hours. “The Count” has always been very forceful with his thoughts, so this time he was clear about what he plans for his future. For this reason, his words went viral very quickly on social networks, taking into account that his name is always news in MMA.

Therefore, excited about being able to fulfill his wish, Bisping dictated: «Joe rogan. I haven’t worked with Joe Rogan yet. I would love to. Of course Joe, he’s the OG or Godfather, so to speak, of the commentators on UFC. I remember the first time I made a comment – it was Fortaleza, Brazil, in January 2019, and Joe actually texted me really nice afterwards.

“He said, ‘Mike, I really love what you’re doing, a really interesting prospect tonight. I hope to work with you one day. ‘ And hearing that from Joe, yeah, it did mean a lot to me. So thanks, Joe. But I haven’t been able to work with him yet. Of course, Joe only does pay-per-view and there is a pecking order. It’s Jon Anik, Joe Rogan, the next line is ‘DC’ (Daniel Cormier), and that’s how it works. There is a hierarchy and it is quite fair, “closed the expeller.

Has another dream

That way, Michael He highlighted a few hours ago: “I want to train some fighters when I grow up, and I will. But right now it wouldn’t be fair of me to do that. Coaching is selfless work, and if I had to coach someone, and I’ll do it when I’m older, I hope I’ve stopped the rat race if you want to get ahead in life and stack some chips and all that.

“I will take some time to find one or two proteges and take them under my wing and try to pass on knowledge. Believe it or not, I’m not that stupid. I have learned a few things about this sport over the years and I would like to pass them on. But right now I’m still doing it. I think I will be able to do it », he also summarized Michael bisping.

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