He wants to put him to sleep: Ben Askren does not stop insulting Jake Paul and assures that he will have fun with him

The UFC expeller, Ben askren, no longer tolerate the attitude of Jake paul and that’s why he wants to knock him out. In a few weeks, the two will see each other head-on in the ring, so expectations are getting higher and higher. There is not a good relationship between the two, which heats up the weather much more in the previous one. In that sense, the renowned fighter made it clear what he will do to him.

Starting, Askren he acknowledged: ‘From what I think of his jokes, he always chooses the lowest fruit. There really isn’t any high-level thinking or high-level trash talk. It’s literally the lowest level of things, like the Masvidal thing. You think I haven’t seen Masvidal a million times? A hundred responses to every tweet I make has that GIF, or is it a meme? Whatever it is”.

I don’t know if he thought that was going to bother me. That was bad. You could tell he was trying to convince himself to be really tough. He came back to me a little bit, he just pushed him when I left. He really didn’t like that, I could honestly tell in less than a second. A little bit of me is like, ‘Okay, it’s time to grow up, Ben.’ I just had fun with him, ”he said.

Seeks to make a fool of him

On the other hand, Ben He stated, “Also obviously my other thing is podcasting and I train kids in wrestling, so there’s a bit of this that seems, especially with him, that feels really immature and childish. I don’t know, fighting Paul seemed like too much of a fun opportunity to pass up, so that’s why I said yes. Obviously they compensate me well, so that’s good too.

But, yeah, this is probably a thing of the past for me or close to being a thing of the past. I really don’t see it. A lot of people are trying to push, especially Jake he’s trying to push that narrative. I think maybe it’s because he wants the Conor (McGregor) fight or whatever. He’s selling to the public like he’s in it for a while. I do not know. I’m done with that, “he concluded Ben askren.

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