He won his first IndyCar race and will drive a Formula 1: Who is Patricio O’Ward?

This weekend the XPEL 375 from Texas. This race corresponds to a new date of the 2021 championship of the IndyCar. However, the news did not happen due to some accident or external problem, but rather focused on the winner of the test: Patrick O’Ward. This Mexican is the sensation of the category and won the most important award of his sports career: driving a Formula 1.

In 2020, Patricio O’Ward was hired by the team McLaren of IndyCar to take the British team to the top. In his debut season, the Mexican won fourth place in the championship although he did not manage to win any victory, until this Sunday. At the controls of car number five, O’Ward returned to give a driving lesson that surprised everyone.

Before the start of the 2021 season, the CEO of McLaren, Zak Brown he made a promise to his young driver, whom he supported from the beginning: if he won a race this year, it would give him the chance to do a test in Formula 1. After the victory this Sunday, Zak Brown himself tweeted that he will give the chance to do a test in the circuit of Abu Dhabi: “A deal is a deal,” he wrote.

Formula 1

After his first victory in IndyCar, O’Ward did not hesitate to ask Brown about the date of the test with the McLaren of Formula 1. However, the Mexican assured that he is focused on the American category. «My heart is in the Indycar. It is a great competition, super competitive. For a pilot there is nothing more equaled in the world, and I think that many pilots who have gone from one category to the other or will agree with me, “said O’Ward, according to Marca.

On the other hand, O’Ward does not rule out accepting an offer from Formula 1 in the future, despite the fact that McLaren already has a Lando norris Y Daniel Ricciardo. “If the opportunity comes, it would be a bit absurd not to accept it because it would be an incredible opportunity, which does not happen very often. But now I’m focused on IndyCar and I’m going to do my best here.

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