Hilaria Baldwin Reddit and Your photo with a breast pump

August is National Breastfeeding Month, so it is fitting that Hilaria Baldwin shares a new breastfeeding photo.

On Sunday, the mother of six posted a photo of her sipping a hot beverage as she shook a portable breast pump hidden in her bra. Baldwin is married to actor Alec Baldwin and she is currently breastfeeding two babies: her son Eduardo will be one year old on September 8 and her daughter María Lucía was born by surrogacy in March.

Baldwin’s striking black and white photo was taken by photographer Abby Drucker. He also shared the photo on social media and wrote, “Behind the scenes with this multitasking mom.” This photo appears to be part of Drucker’s “Mother” series of private photographs, “celebrating the goddess within and the connection between mother and child.”

Baldwin is no stranger to recording her breastfeeding moments, whether it’s serial breastfeeding, leaning on a stroller to feed him, or sucking while she snacks.

Last year, the yoga professional admitted that coconut water and frequent pumping increased the supply of it. She told Yahoo Lifestyle: “The best gift my husband gave me was two extra coolers to store my milk. Because I like a squirrel.”

She also shared the benefits of having a “breastfeeding period.”

Baldwin said, “First, you have these amazing breasts, they burn a lot of calories.” “You can eat a ton. So I love my breastfeeding body. Then you stop breastfeeding, you want, my breasts go. Where are they? Yeah, you know where they are? They are at my waist.”

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