“Homer Simpson” has already received the vaccine against COVID-19

The actor Humbeto Velez, who makes the voice of Homer Simpson For Latin America, he has already received the COVID-19 vaccine and recalled a passage from the yellow family series.

This weekend the voice actor shared on social media that he had already received the vaccine in Mexico City, since he is 66 years old and in Mexico the drug is currently being applied to people over 60 years of age.

First doseā€¦ Excellent organization. Thanks! And we go for the second …

AND couldn’t stop referencing the Simpsons when receiving the vaccine, because in a chapter Homer receives an injection of an experimental drug.

And it is that in chapter 6 of season 5, titled “Marge the Rebel”, Homer agrees to take Marge to the Ballet, but when he finds out what it is about, he begins to devise how to escape; but his wife claims that on some occasion he escaped from the commitment to see his sisters and participated in an army experiment for that.

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