How and where to see the U2 concert in Mexico on the PopMart Tour?

Bono and the Irish band, U2, is a favorite in the world of rock and pop in the world. With nearly four decades of existence, the group continues to gain a following for its music and live acts.

Yes, we know that for more than a year U2 don’t give a live presentation, but seeing them on stage is an experience that few forget and more, if the tour was legendary for the fans.

The PopMart Tour even came out in a chapter of The Simpsons

In 1997, U2 toured that would remain in the hearts of all his followers, the Pop Mart Tour touched cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Chicago, Sarajevo, London and even Mexico City.

This tour was brought to the small screen by The Simpsons, when Homer meets the Irish band in the chapter “Trash Of The Titans” and interrupts the song Pride (In the Name of Love).

What’s more, It was the 200th chapter of the series and the episode aired in April 1998, just one month after the end of the PopMart Tour, one of the most legendary that Bono and The Edge have ever given.

A millionaire tour made and created by U2

By the way, in the PopMart Tour, U2 raised $ 173 million 610 thousand 864 and nearly four million people attended to see the band live.

One of the presentations was recorded on video, it is about the presentation in Mexico City and is remembered for being one of the best in the history of U2.

Now that it is time for the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Irish band decided to pamper their fans by putting part of their concert catalog on YouTube to see them completely free on YouTube.

How and where to see the YouTube concert in Mexico on the PopMart Tour?

The premiere of U2’s concert in Mexico will take place at 9:40 p.m. North Carolina time. and two hours earlier in Mexico City through YouTube.

But this presentation will not come only with the U2 concert, since there will be a Live preview of Carla Morrison which will last about 30 minutes before the start of the video in Mexico of the Irish band.

Without more to say, here we leave you U2’s live concert in CDMX, one of the best the band gave in the 90’s:

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