How can the result of the Classic influence? This is the position table of LaLiga

Zidane, Koeman and Simeone expressed in the preview of the Classic that the score of this game would not be decisive for the season, how real is it? Currently the Atlético de Madrid is leader with 66 points, followed by Barcelona with 65 and the Real Madrid with 63 units. Although there are eight games left for the end of the season (24 points at stake), there is no doubt that this is a direct duel for the last stretch of The league.

The effects of Classic They can be seen until Sunday. Yes, since Atlético de Madrid will play their respective commitment against Betis, in case of losing or drawing LaLiga could have a new leader; as long as Barcelona win or draw, or Real Madrid emerge victorious. In the event of a victory for the merengue club or a draw for the Barça club, the determining factor will be the goal difference, in this way the new leader will be chosen.

If Atlético de Madrid wins

The Athletic It depends on itself, if they win their respective duel against Betis and El Clásico leaves a winner, the mattress team will be able to increase the advantage with one of their competitors. Four points, if Barcelona lose or six points if Real Madrid do. In case of a tie, the culé club would be left with 66 units to three of a victorious Simeone; while Madrid to five points.

Direct duels

The ideal setting for the Real Madrid It is to win this commitment and wait for the direct duel between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona on May 9 to take advantage. However, there are 90 minutes and eight games left at stake. The merengue team must overcome Betis, Sevilla and Villarreal the rest of the calendar if they want to continue in the fight. For their part, Koeman and Simeone will have a pending duel with each other.

Another factor that must be taken into account are the extra commitments of Barcelona and Real Madrid. On the one hand, the Barça team will have to play a final against Athletic Club for the Copa del Rey. For its part, the merengue club is the only Spanish that continues to compete in the Champions League, an extra wear and tear that can affect the team’s performance. Here Atlético takes a brief advantage.

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