How to install Super People alpha is now available

Wonder People announced today that the Alpha test of their upcoming Battle Royale Super People is now available for PC. Selected players who pre-register for the trial can now participate in fierce battles with other super fighters until August 23.

The Alpha test will include 12 categories of playable super soldiers, each with special super powers and different play styles. Players will parachute into Orbisland, a large map with diverse terrain and environments, where they can freely participate in frantic strategic battles with their opponents.

Super People’s alpha test runs from August 11-23, and can be run through Wonder People’s proprietary game client GeeGee. The test itself will be divided into three phases:

The first stage: squad mode

From August 11 to August 14, players will be able to join squad mode. Each team can have up to four players entering Obisland, where they must eliminate all other teams to win the game.

Stage 2: single player mode

From August 15 to August 17, players will compete in single player mode. In this mode where everyone is hostile and the only important thing is to be the sole survivor, players must be careful.

Stage 3: all modes

From August 17 to the end of the Alpha test on August 23, players can join in single-player, two-player, and team battles.

What is a superman?

Super People is a battle royale game in which players play the role of super soldiers, engage in fierce and fast-paced battles, and become the last person standing. The game incorporates FPS and Battle Royale elements, as well as game features designed to allow players to enter faster and more strategic rounds.

About magical characters

Wonder People is a Korean game developer founded by game enthusiasts and industry veterans Min Hur. Min Hur is a leader in the Korean game industry. He founded Neople and developed the popular game Dungeon Fighter Online. Wonder People recently announced their debut Super People, an FPS battle royale game developed by Oscar Mike Studio. It is scheduled to launch globally on PC later this year.

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