How to watch series on Instagram and how much does the service cost?

During the Pandemic, streaming services have multiplied, due to the confinement and the high demand for content that users want to see, that is why the various platforms began to create their own services.

In this way, hThere is a wide variety of audiovisual content platforms, from Netflix King, to HBO Max, Disney +, and many more services, which are part of the daily life of all users.

There is too much streaming offer and little budget

But the offer is too much a user cannot marry a service as it does not have all the content he needs, so he opts to buy at the most two packages and that means a good amount of money.

That is why some ingenious have taken on the task of offering content through social networks, Instagram is one of them and they already offer packages with a good cost for users.

How to watch series on Instagram and how much does the service cost?

Thanks to the tool Instagram TV, users can access the video area more easily and many have married her, much more than in Tik Tok, so some take advantage of them to offer their streaming services.

So is, you can access some series through some IG profiles, and the best thing is that it has no cost, but they are only for a limited time.

In order to access the profiles that broadcast this type of content, dYou must look for profiles like @playseriescl, go to its IGTV section and there the menu to choose comes out.

Is there any other Instagram profile to watch series for free?

Another Instagram profile to see free content is @series_nickcl and in it you can see series like Drake and Josh, as well as other contents that are surely your favorites.

So can watch Netflix or Amazon products for free, but remember that it is only for a time, since they usually claim these accounts on an ongoing basis.

Do you know someone who uses this type of platform to watch series and movies?

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