Longtime Florence Senator Hugh Leatherman has dead – cause of death

According to Quentin Hawkins, who served as Chief of Staff for a long time in Leatherman, Florence Senator Hugh Leatherman died early on Friday morning. Hawkins said three weeks ago that Leatherman was hospitalized due to some serious health problems, but was resting at home with his family.

State Sen. Hugh Leatherman was considered South Carolina’s most powerful politician because of his control over the state budget. He passed away this morning.

Leatherman is one of the longest-serving members of the South Carolina State Assembly. He has served on the South Carolina State Senate for the past 40 years. he was first elected in 1981. He was elected as President Pro Tempore on June 18, 2014.

However, he started his political career at Quemby Town Council from 1967 to 1976, where he served as mayor for five years. Leatherman’s work in the Senate is attributed to Florence’s growth.

He is a champion of improved roads and solid infrastructure. Leatherman has received millions of dollars to help Florence develop. He attended every major recruitment announcement in Florence County. He worked hard to help attract companies such as Honda, Otis Elevator, QVC, General Electric, and McCall Farms to Florence County.

Many people say that Leatherman is a great asset in Florence County and South Carolina, and they pray that he can get better. Hawkins said he will issue a statement from the Leatherman family later on Friday morning.

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