Who is Hunter Lee Soik? Where is Hunter Lee Soik Now? whats happened? is dead?

In the Netflix miniseries “Inventing Anna,” the eponymous Anna Sorokin is surrounded by some fascinating, diverse, and incredibly talented people. Although her upper-class circle may seem superficial, there are some really smart people in it.

Based on Jessica Pressler’s 2018 New York Magazine article, the show features a variety of characters who are live-action versions. Pressler’s article also mentions “The Futurists,” and since the show’s release, there’s been speculation over who the fascinating character might be based on. According to some reports, Hunter Lee Soik is one of the possible tech entrepreneurs that the “futurists” refer to. Let’s take a look at what we know about Hunter.

Who is the Hunter Lee Soik?

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Hunter Lee Soik was apparently adopted by a couple in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin shortly after his second birthday. After high school, he moved to California and tried professional skateboarding before briefly attending the Brooks School of Photography in Santa Barbara. Hunt also had roles in Coca-Cola commercials and eventually started his own production company, according to his New York profile.

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Until 2011, he served as a creative consultant for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne tour. Around this time, the young entrepreneur came up with the idea for the Shadow: Community of Dreamers app. When he wanted to save his dream after taking a few particularly long naps on a well-deserved vacation, he realized that no app could do it.

Hunter spent months studying how to interpret dreams from different perspectives—from the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung to neurological researchers in Japan. By the time Fast Company published his profile in 2014, Shadow’s Kickstarter page had raised $82,500, and the app was reportedly set to launch a few months later. In short, the app is an alarm that reminds users to record their dreams (via voice or text) as soon as they wake up. The goal is to eventually create a large database of dream keywords based on user input.

Hunter Lee Soik

Fake socialite con artist Anna Sorokin, surnamed Delvi, offered to give the media her real-life boyfriend’s name for $10,000 in an Instagram post this week, following wild speculation about who Chase was playing in the new Netflix The show tells about her life, “Inventing Anna”.

Multiple sources who had an unfortunate encounter with a con man posing as a German heiress confirmed to Page Six that she once dated tech entrepreneur Hunter Lee Soik and that he helped her break the velvet rope.

“Hunter was the one who brought her to the scene,” a source told CNN. “He’s a worldwide socialite. No one knows what he’s doing, but he’s always giving advice on how to climb the career ladder.”

Another source told CNN, “He has connections to a lot of very social people in the tech world.”

The New York Magazine article on which the show is based describes Sorokin’s unnamed lover as a futurist “on the TED Talks Tour profiled in The New Yorker.” And Sorokin is said to have “walked around with him” in 2015 and 2016. Then “the guy whose app never materialized moved to the UAE.”

Soik has worked as a creative consultant on Jay-Z and Kayne West’s Watch The Throne tour, has been featured in The New Yorker, gave a TED talk and is based in Dubai. Like Chase’s character on the show, he’s also working on an app that can act as a database of dreams.

Soik never developed this app. His LinkedIn currently lists him as “Founder and Executive Chairman of Enso Group, a Hong Kong-based family office focused on investing in cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking product experiences,” although his relationship with the company is no longer there. re-exist.

Other names circulating around the rumor mill include AOL “digital prophet” David Sheng and 73-year-old futurist Ray Kurzweil.

This week, Sorokin, who was paroled in February and held by ICE at Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, N.Y., said on Instagram: “Want to know who the real ‘Chase’ is? Highest bidder. Media gets exclusive prices. Bids start at 10,000. DMs available.”

Dressing up as a fake heir, Sorokin celebrated her social success in New York by blackmailing businesses like luxury hotel 11 Howard and private jet company Blade, and getting her friends to pay for luxury travel.

She was found guilty of eight counts, including grand theft and theft of service. She was also convicted of grand theft for trying to obtain a $22 million bank loan.

“I don’t think she’s smart, I think she’s paranoid,” our source said. “She’s been trying to rub shoulders with the ubiquitous celebrities. It’s annoying, it’s not smart. She’s aggressive, and I think people just think that if New Yorkers were cheating on them, they wouldn’t be so obvious.”